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Saturday, July 16th 2011

German Sparkle Party

Saturday July 16th the House of Discord presents it's 1st major event of the summer: the German Sparkle Party

Music by DJ Ivan Enigma, HoD's own Timmy, and all the way from Aviano Italy, DJ Naika Whisperwish

Have drinks or a donation with you at the door, and bring your party pants

Saturday, April 2nd 2011

Black Light II: Alien Abduction

By popular demand, this April 2nd the House of Discord and Space City Collective present the HoD's 2nd annual black light party - Black Light II: Alien Abduction.

There is never a cover at the HoD, but please bring something consumable to share. Contributions of alcohol, gay sex, and mixers are encouraged, as well as snacks and anything to be cooked on the grill.

The whole house is going to be black-lit, so keep that in mind when assembling your outfit. There will be blacklight paints on hand for those wishing to paint or be painted.

Music by DJ Biocyde, Mr. E, DJ Shr4pn3l, and HoD's Timmy. Performance by 8eTribe.

Ps you are likely to be probed by "aliens".

Saturday, February 12th 2010

Military Fashion Show

It's time for another HoD party. The theme is in the title so take that and run with it. It's not so much a fashion show as it is an excuse to play a lot of German electronic music and look sharp as fuck. It won't be as messy as the pudding parties but it will be twice as sexy.

There is never a cover for HoD events and this one is no exception. Booze is provided though donations in the forms of money or alcohol are always welcome.

If you didn't get an invite -you are still invited!

Friday, December 31st 2010

Chronus Unbound

After a hiatus of over four months, The House of Discord returns with the party event of the season.

Join us this New Years Eve for a house party like no other.

Contributions to our drinks table or donation jar are welcome but not required. Your friends are invited too. As always, there is no cover at HoD events.

Saturday August 14th 2010

Foam Party!!!

The House ov Discord presents their second foam party. This is the event you've been waiting for. No one does it quite like the HoD.

* No cover - there's never a cover at our events
* Bring a towel - you'll need one
* Swimsuit optional - wear whatever you want
* Fnords: fnord, fnord, fnord. fjord? fnord.
* Donations in the form of money or alcohol are always welcome

We're constructing some additional foam machines beyond what we've had before. You can bet the that the foam to people ratio will be much higher than at other similar events recently.

Saturday June 26th 2010

Cap and Gown or Cape and Cowl Party

We're throwing a party! The theme is Cap and Gown or Cape and Cowl, so come wearing any suitable costume. We'll be celebrating Kristin, Kate, and Kelly's birthdays.

* No cover
* Some alcohol provided
- but please bring some
* Your friends are invited too

Thursday June 17th 2010

Discord Thursdays - Bible and Flag Burning Edition

Bring your flags and religious texts to burn. We'd like to burn texts from as many different religions as possible. We'll definitely burn a copy of the Principia Discordia.

We'll probably roast hot dogs over the fire, if people aren't too worried about chemicals in the paper and cloth.

Saturday May 15th 2010

Pudding Party

We're throwing a party! This May 15th will be the return of our infamous Pudding Party -- now with even more pudding.

* No cover
* Some alcohol provided
- but please bring some
* Your friends are invited too
* Come ready to wrastle

Saturday February 27th 2010

Black Light Party

The House ov Discord presents its first big party of 2010.

We'll provide: Black lights, highlighters, music, alcohol

You bring: A plain white shirt, objects that may look cool, your friends

Saturday April 4th 2009

The W(h)ig Party

We're well past due for another HoD event, so the discovery of Tim's impending birthday was just the excuse we needed.

This is a W(h)ig party, so wear a wig! It can be any type of wig. Surprise us.

It's been over 3 months since the last shindig, so this one is not to be missed. Bring your frinds and strangers.

As always, music and alcohol will be provided, but you are encouraged to also bring alcohol of your own.

Saturday December 27th 2008

The Nightmare immediately following Christmas party

We figured we had one last change to throw a Halloween party this year, so here it is. Costumes are welcome, especially those "in the spirit of the Nightmare"

While debauchery may always be expected throughout the grounds, this time there will be a room dedicated to the purpose and outfitted appropriately.

Tarot readings will be available. In exchange for a reading be prepared to pay the cost of: a personal item of emotional value, a painting, a handwritten poem or story, a photo, a ring, a shirt, or other other personally invested item OR create feedable energy in the debauchery room. Your item or energy will not be returned but rather will be used to read for you. Readings open to all willing to pay this price.

As always, music and alcohol will be provided, but you are encouraged to also bring alcohol of your own.

Saturday September 27th 2008

Foam Party

Let's face it, you need a party. We all do. It's been a rough month.

You may not have power at your house. You may not have cable television. Nothing is certain. Except this: there will be a party at the House ov Discord on the 27th of September, and gods willing, there will be foam. Lots of foam.

We'll be celebrating Williams Birthday, and just about anything else we can think of.

So bring all your sexy busty friends and strangers, that guy on the couch, and your various and sundry Foam Accessories, and get on down to the House ov Discord.

We're investing some serious resources into this one, so we're accepting donations online and at the door. No one will be turned away for not contributing, but we'd love for you to help us make this a good one. If you're broke, don't sweat it.

See our maps page for directions